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Dashi Steven Baugh

Dashi Steven Baugh is the founder and Abbott of the Lohan Buddhist Temple.

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Las Vegas Buddhist Temple

Located in China Town in Las Vegas for over ten years has become a well respected pillar of the local community. .

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Tulku Lama Jigme Rinpoche

Lama Jigme Rinpoche from Tibet teaches here at Lohan Spiritual Centers Buddhist Temple, we are very honored by his presents. Read more

Buddhist Temple Las Vegas

Steven Buagh DashiWith great sadness, we report the passing of Dashi Steven Baugh Sunday 17th March 2019

Om mani Padme Hum

Our founder, mentor, and father to many, Dashi Chuan Sheng Shakya, left this world yesterday March 17, 2019. Words cannot express what he meant to us and the legacy he left behind for the community. A very special individual who spread not only the teachings of the Dharma but also the teaching of the Dao, and Native American beliefs.

Please watch your mind and maintain positive thinking during his transition. Please share kind words and great stories.

All spiritual classes will be canceled this week but the Lohan Temple will be open. Please feel free to come in, light some incense, say some prayers and share your wonderful stories. Dashi Steven Baugh will be missed but his legacy will continue. We at the Lohan Temple believe he will always be with us, guiding us and protecting all his children.

Dashi created a family when many of us had none. He created a safe place for those lost and in need. All Lohans please support your brothers and sisters. This is how we make him proud.

Buddhisst temple LAs Vegas founder Dashi Steven Baugh 17th march 2019
03/18/19 Monday


6:00pm “Today at the School we will be performing a Candle Light Ceremony & Mani Mantra Puja to benefit our teacher Dashi Steven Baugh at 6:00pm. The Candle Light Ceremony will be a way for students past & present to help light the way for Dashi while he is Transitioning the Bardo within the Intermediate state. It is highly encouraged you participate. The time is crucial for prayers, traditionally performed 3-7 days following a death. The ceremony will only last 30 minutes but the benefits for Dashi will be immeasurable. With pure intentions may all his students make effort to benefit him in this time of need and may all merit accumulated from this practice be dedicated to our teacher Sigung Dashi Steven Baugh.”

    • 7:30pm you can show up at Lama Jigme Rinpoche’s home where we will start at 8-9pm for prayers for Grandmaster Dashi Steven Baugh. Please note this is NOT at the Lohan Temple, this is at Lama Jigme Rinpoche’s home. The address is 503 Sellers Place, Henderson, NV 89011
  • 03/19/19 Tuesday
    • 7:00pm we will have the funeral rites led by Lama Jigme Rinpoche for Grandmaster Dashi Steven Baugh at the Lohan Temple at 7:00pm, please bring incense and tealight candles that you can use for Dashi and any food you would like to offer him. Rinpoche will be doing a very special Avalokiteshvara (Chenrizig) ceremony for Dashi to send him to a higher realm. Please note this is not the Assist the Decease Dharma Rite. We will notify you the date of that ceremony. Please also bring any food you would like to share with everyone afterwards.
  • (tbd) Assist the Deceased Dharma Rite
  • (tbd) Viewing


Welcome to our Buddhist Temple! Las Vegas Buddhist temple                                                Namaste!

The Lohan Spiritual Center in Las Vegas is the home to the Lohan Buddhist Temple, this is a spiritual refuge for all who follow Budda’s teachings, We offer many different classes, teachings, and ceremonies. Located in the heart of the Las Vegas China town we welcome newcomers to learn the teachings of Buddha to the most experienced, everyone has a place here. As Buddhism spreads westward many people are seeking alternatives to traditional western religion, Buddhism is not a religion but an understanding and pathway to enlightenment, and a very personal relationship with your self through meditation and learning.

The Lohan Spiritual Center is a very welcoming and friendly way to start your journey or continue your search for enlightenment and spirituality with a very well educated staff of Priests and Abbots. We offer many classes starting with an introduction class up to advanced levels, all are welcomed.

List of weekly events:

Monday: 6p 7p – Desert Dharma Sangha  (Buddhism) Lead by Lohan Priest Greg Pergament- A group gathering to practice Vipassana meditation, and to examine the correlation that exists between the 12 steps and Buddhist Dharma.

Buddhist temple priest Greg Pergament

Monday: 7p-8p Spiritual Scholar Class (Taoism)  Grandmaster Dashi Steven Baugh- Dashi leads us through many esoteric teachings such as the principles of the way of Taoism.

 Las Vegas Buddhist temple Dashi

Wednesday: 7p- 8p- Tibetan Buddhism Teachings by Lama Jigme Rinpoche, a renowned fully trained master from Tibet who focuses on the Vajrayana path of Tibetan Buddhism.

Lama Jigme Rinpoche at Las Vegas Buddhist temple

Friday: 6p -7p Vipassana Sangha (Buddhism) Vipassana Sanga with the Venerable Bhunte Nawala Lakkana from the Theravadin sect of Buddhism. Practice includes seated meditation, walking meditation, Dharma Instruction, and mindfulness practice.

Sunday: 3p-5p The Buddha Path Practice (Buddhism) Learn the skills for a strong and healthy mind, learn how to overcome stress and anxiety through the ancient Buddhist wisdom of Vajrayana (Tibetan Buddhism) The class is more focused on practice and discussion than a lecture.

Buddhist Temple

Don’t Forget

“The only difference between the buddhas and ourselves is that the buddhas are aware of their primordial nature while we have not yet come to this recognition. There is a story about this concerning Drukpa Kunlek, a crazy yogi. One time he went to a temple in Lhasa where there is a famous statue of the Buddha. This statue is said to have been blessed by Buddha Shakyamuni himself. You may have seen photographs of this place; Tibetans try to go there on pilgrimage at least once in their lives. When people visit this statue they bring incense, make offerings, and do a lot of prostrations.

When Drukpa Kunlek went to the temple, he did not prostrate, but just stood there looking at the statue. The priest who took care of the shrine felt a little funny because Drukpa Kunlek was not showing the proper respect. After a while, Drukpa Kunlek composed a verse and then did prostrations. He said, “At the beginning of time, you and I were equal; there was no difference between us. You worked to recognize your nature and became enlightened. I did not recognize my nature and merely slept. Therefore, I will prostrate, not to you, but in recognition of your excellent endeavor.”

The Buddhas are not higher than us, and we are not lower than the buddhas; we are equal. The only difference is whether the Buddha nature has been recognized. We have to work to experience that recognition, but once we recognize it we are the same as all the buddhas. There is no difference in the ground of our basic nature.”

Ven. Khenpo Rinpoches
The Buddhist Path

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